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Old laundry mangle A mangle or wringer is a very effective, albeit old-fashioned, method for squeezing excess water out of washed clothing and linens before hanging them out to dry.

The clothes wringer or clothes mangle is no longer made in the UK but these items of hand-operated laundry equipment are still sought after.

Mangles are heavy items usually made of iron and wood and tend to be bought by collectors, whereas the smaller, lighter clothes wringer is still popular with campers and boaters and anyone wanting to save energy costs at home by hand-washing and line-drying.

Take a look at the eBay auction listings below and see what wringers and mangles are currently available ...

Clothes wringers and mangles for sale

In July 2008 an Acme wringer on a stand, in very good condition, sold for 168 on eBay. The price may well have gone higher had the seller been willing to ship the wringer, but it was available for local collection only. Few eBay sellers will be prepared to post a mangle as they are usually heavy and expensive to post.

More recently, a vintage ACME Mangle Wringer complete with a PIONEER cast iron stand sold on eBay UK for 101. This was in February 2010. The mangle was in working order and described as in "Good condition for age".

President wringerThis vintage President wringer was sold on eBay in August 2009 for 15.49 (it was available for 'pick-up' only).

According to the seller this wringer was made in Scotland probably in the 1930/40s and was still in working order.

Portair LimpetMost of the old wringers and mangles were made with a mechanism which allowed the rollers to be adjusted for different thicknesses of fabric. And a wringer usually came with some form of clamp which allowed it to be attached to a table or stand.

There are exceptions to this however such as the table-top Portair Limpet wringer (shown left) where the rollers are not adjustable. This wringer, which measures approximately, 10" x 7" at the base and stands just over 8" high would only be suitable for small items such as collars, handkerchiefs or thin socks.

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